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Expect 10 new faces from PBB during next State election

PARTI Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) will field 10 new faces during the next State Election.

Party President, our Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Adenan Satem announced that five of those new faces would stand in five of the new 11 State seats, which have been approved by Parliament.

So that means five of PBB’s incumbents will be replaced. Who? We don’t know yet.

Also it is not entirely clear yet which of the new seats – Batu Kitang, Stakan, Serembu, Bukit Semuja, Gedong, Kabong, Tellian, Bukit Goram, Murum, Samalaju and Mulu – or how many of them will go to PBB.

However, Adenan has made it clear that the incumbents to be replaced are those who have indicated their desire to retire.

PBB Secretary-General Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi Utom pointed out that the party normally fields 30 per cent new candidates during elections anyway, so the party is not doing something unusual.

So now that PBB has made this announcement, what does it mean?

It does seem to indicate that the next State election is not too far off.

This was clear from the fact that Adenan also announced PBB has set up 12 committees for the election headed by Deputy Presidents Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu Numbing and Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg.

PBB certainly seems to have its act together. Let’s hope all the other State Barisan Nasional component parties are ready to defend our great State too.

The story from The Borneo Post:

PBB to field 10 new faces

By Marilyn Ten

KUCHING: PBB will field 10 new faces in some of the 40 constituencies it will contest in the next state election.

Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem, who is party president, revealed that five of the new candidates would stand in five of 11 new state constituencies, which were approved in the recent parliamentary sitting.

“Of the 40 seats we are contesting in, there will be 10 new faces. Five of them will be contesting in the new seats whereas the remaining five will be fielded to replace incumbents who have indicated their desire to retire,” he told a press conference after chairing the party’s supreme council meeting at its headquarters here yesterday.

However when asked whether PBB had identified the new seats that it would contest in, Adenan said the decision had not been finalised.

“Put it this way — we can claim more seats from the new 11 because of our membership and support. However, we will also let other parties have some of the new seats. We have not yet chosen which seat (to stand in) but from the facts and figures of the new constituencies, it is obvious that some cannot but go to PBB,” he remarked.

The new constituencies approved during the parliamentary sitting are Batu Kitang, Stakan, Serembu, Bukit Semuja, Gedong, Kabong, Tellian, Bukit Goram, Murum, Samalaju and Mulu. Adenan also noted that from the meeting, the party had come up with a chart of responsibilities for various PBB senior members.

“We have set up about 12 committees to run the state election for PBB and these will be headed by the party’s deputy presidents (Deputy Chief Minister) Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu and (Housing Minister) Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg as well as other senior members.”

On when the highly-anticipated state election would be held, Adenan provided yet again a vague answer, stating that the election ‘must be called before the ‘DUN (State Legislative Assembly) automatically lapses on June 20 next year’.

“Unless of course, if you let the Dewan lapse by itself,” he quipped. However when told that rumours were running wild that the election would be held in March next year, he simply said: “You can believe the rumours, or you can choose not to believe. But this is coming from the horse’s mouth.”

Adenan also expressed confidence that before nomination day, the tussle between United People’s Party (UPP) and SUPP, as well as Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak (Teras) and SPDP, would be resolved. He also touched on the DUN sitting, which commences today, hinting that it might be the ‘last sitting of the Dewan before the state election’.

“With regard to the motions which the opposition is trying to introduce, we have a few surprises for them which they might not have anticipated,” Adenan said.

Meanwhile, PBB secretary-general Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi said the fielding of new faces was ‘quite normal’ for the party.

“Every time we have a big number, at least 30 per cent of our candidates would be new faces. Similarly, this time around (it) is also 30 per cent, so I believe we are practising the same thing,” he told reporters when met after the press conference. Pressed on the finalisation of the new seats for the party, Dr Rundi said he knew which of the new seats PBB would contest in.

“Of course, I cannot disclose this because only the chief minister can.” On the incumbents wanting to step down and give way to the new faces, Dr Rundi revealed that Adenan had not finalised the list.

“He’s trying to persuade some of them and if he could get a good candidate (to contest), maybe we can proceed. Nevertheless, very soon, it will all be revealed.” The press conference was attended by Jabu, Abang Johari and DUN Speaker Datuk Amar Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar.



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