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Saying a prayer for Sarawak and Malaysia this National Day

I WAS among those attending the Association of Churches in Sarawak’s National Day Prayer service last Thursday – August 25th. I sang along loudly to the national anthem Negaraku and must admit there was a lump in my throat when I sang Ibupertiwiku. Our State anthem has always been a favourite – the music by … Continue reading

MASWings’ Twin Otter landing gear breaks upon landing in Lawas

I JUST read that a Twin Otter had a nasty landing in Lawas yesterday afternoon. Thankfully the 16 passengers and two crew on board escaped unhurt. The plane is said to have skidded to a stop just short of the river at the end of the runway. All this occurred apparently during fine weather. This … Continue reading

SUPP – change the party must

  SARAWAK United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) President Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan repeated on Sunday the need for the party to change with the times. He’s said this before after the party’s great loss during the April State elections.┬áThis latest call for change came during SUPP Bintulu’s 50th Anniversary Dinner. “We must listen … Continue reading

Kuching – My hometown

Kuching’s Police Bicycle Beat hits the streets

AS I ate my breakfast this morning, I read that the Sarawak police have introduced a new unit — the bicycle beat. This brought to mind the old TV series Pacific Blue – not sure how many of you remember it, but it was something about cops on bikes in Santa Monica, California. (In case … Continue reading

Sarawak records highest rate of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

I READ yesterday that Vietnam is on high alert as hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) continues to spread in the country. News reports say that HFMD has killed 81 children and caused over 32,000 people to fall ill this year in Vietnam. Nearly 80 per cent of the cases have been reported in the … Continue reading

Golden Churn – what’s halal and what’s not

JAKIM recently declared that Golden Churn Creamery Butter is not halal in Malaysia. To me the announcement seemed pretty clear. Apparently it isn’t as simple as that because the product’s producer Ballantyne Foods Pty Ltd has issued another statement to say that it’s butter is halal. Confused? I was. And reading news reports of the … Continue reading

Classy Pandelela is Sarawak’s pride

I WAS so pleased to read today that Sarawakian Pandelela Rinong had won for Malaysia the country’s first medal at the World University Games (Universiade) in China. Well done to the gutsy Bidayuh lass –who is likely to still be nursing a sore back — for winning the silver in the 10m platform. She has … Continue reading

A new BN-friendly party for Sarawak?

A GROUP of supposedly Barisan Nasional-friendly politicians have apparently tried to register Parti Bumi Kenyalang with the Registrar of Societies. There has been plenty of talk – and denials – within political circles recently regarding this new party. Those involved are apparently from the Chinese and Dayak community. And they are supposedly eyeing 10 parliamentary … Continue reading

Please be careful on the roads this Hari Raya

TODAY’S news of a horrific crash along the Sri Aman-Sarikei road early this morning is so sad. Nine lives were lost in such a senseless way. I’ve seen some photos of the crash and the damage to the vehicles is extremely shocking. And incredibly sad. I am sure you will see some photos in the … Continue reading