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MOCS mocks Parochial Sarawakian

I HAVE been busy outstation and didn’t have time to blog this week. My sincerest apologies to those of you who have been waiting for me to reply a posting by the Malaya-based man fronting the so-called Movement of Change Sarawak or MOCS or as I like to call it MOC(K)S. Apparently he was annoyed … Continue reading

Dato Sri Tra Zehnder – A Tribute

Dato Sri Tra Zehnder — Remembering A True Sarawakian of Substance

IT seems almost poetic that Dato Sri Tra Zehnder returned to the Lord yesterday, July 22 — the day of Sarawak’s independence 48 years ago or as blogger Rimau Atas Kerusi calls it, Sarawak Day. Dato Sri was a true Sarawakian of Substance. She was the first woman to achieve so many things in the … Continue reading

Happy Sarawak Day!

Click here to go to Happy Sarawak Day 2015. I BORROWED that from fellow blogger Rimau Atas Kerusi but I thought it was rather appropriate. Today, 48 years ago, Sarawak was an independent nation. We were not under the Brunei Sultanate. We were not under the Brookes. We were not under Japanese occupation. We were … Continue reading

A fitting final farewell …

IT was indeed a fitting final farewell for Sarawak’s gentleman politician Datuk Amar James Wong. In the Cathedral where he used to worship regularly, family, friends, political colleagues from both sides of the divide, students from his alma mater of St. Thomas’, as well as long-time admirers and followers, all came together to pack the … Continue reading

What I’ll be doing on August 13 …

JUST over three weeks from now, on August 13, a Saturday, the Movement for Change Sarawak – which claims to speak for Sarawakians, but never asked my permission, I don’t know about yours – wants to hold a so-called ‘walk for democracy and reforms’. According to them it’ll be a three-hour affair from 2pm to … Continue reading

A political era ends

Here’s what the Borneo Post said about Datuk Amar James Wong: KUCHING: Former president of Sarawak National Party (SNAP) and the state’s first Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar James Wong Kim Min, passed away at Normah Medical Specialist Centre here at 2pm yesterday. His son-in-law Dennis Liew said Wong’s remains would be flown to his … Continue reading

A tribute to Datuk Amar James Wong

I FOUND this post which I assume is from a Sarawakian blogger. Anyway, it is a fitting tribute and I would like to add the link to borneoposter below. http://borneoposter.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/in-memory-of-datuk-amar-james-wong/

Remembering a Sarawakian gentleman

DATUK Amar James Wong, the state’s first Deputy Chief Minister after the formation of Malaysia, returned to our Father in heaven this morning. A sad day for Sarawak and Malaysia as he was truly a part of the team that negotiated the formation of this nation. He was a faithful Christian who was always in … Continue reading

Preparing for Malaysia’s 48th Birthday

I AM thrilled to learn that National Day celebrations will be on September 16 because August 31 falls at the end of the fasting month! What a wonderful 48th birthday it will be for Malaysia! For once September 16 will be given the recognition that it is due. Forty-eight years ago, this nation known as … Continue reading