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Sarawak to abolish quit rent

SO while other states in Malaysia continue to raise living costs, our Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Adenan Satem has strived to lighten the burdens on the shoulders of Sarawakians with multiple initiatives.

The latest initiative would be the abolishment of quit rent next month.

Adenan said abolishing quit rent would be a great help to rural folk in particular due to the rising cost of living.

“We are considering abolishing the quit rent to help the poor. An announcement will be made sometime in the middle of next month,” said Adenan.

Across the South China Sea, 18 highways saw hikes in toll rates last year.

The hikes ranged from 20 sen to RM3. So they pay from RM1.80 to RM6 each way.

That may not sound like much but don’t forget that most of those from the Peninsula have to use highways with tolls to get to and from work, to visit family and to shop every day.

Here in Sarawak, our CM abolished all tolls on bridges that connect communities across our Great State, while ferry services have been reduced to just RM1 – less than for a cup of coffee at some kopitiam these days!

Also the new Pan Borneo Highway, which is being constructed, will be toll free.

Our electricity tariffs have also been reduced and the CM also scrapped goods and services tax for municipal council services.

Adenan has indeed proven he knows and understands Sarawakians’ needs.

He needs five more years to fulfil all his plans for our Great State. And we definitely need him Sarawak.

The story from the New Straits Times:

Sarawak to announce abolishment of quit rent next month

By Adib Povera and Goh Pei Pie

KUCHING: The state government will announce the abolishment of several quit rent charges in Sarawak by the middle of next month. Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem said abolishing quit rents was one of the many efforts being considered by the state government to help the people especially rural folks in Sarawak in the wake of the rising cost of living.

“We are considering abolishing the quit rent to help the poor. An announcement will be made sometime in the middle of next month,” said Adenan during an hour-long special interview with Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) here today.

Apart from reminiscing over his first day after he was appointed as the Chief Minister in Feb 28, 2014, Adenan also shared the 50 initiatives and principles introduced by the state administration under his leadership during the interview which was televised live on RTM1.

Present were his deputy Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang and minister and assistant ministers in the state cabinet. His wife Puan Sri Jamilah Anu was also in attendance.

“Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) has agreed to the construction of the multi-billion Pan Borneo Highway project in Sarawak.

“The construction of the project has started. The project will create greater business opportunity which in turn will involve the participation of the people upon its completion,” said Adenan.

On politics, Adenan said the Sarawak Barisan Nasional is seriously considering fielding direct candidates to appease the “stubborn” political party among the component and breakaway parties in the ruling coalition.

“The scale logo (in BN) has great prominence among the people here. We are considering fielding winnable direct candidates (to resolve the seat distribution issues among component and splinter parties in BN).

“It is up to the candidate to decide which party they want to join if they win (in the state polls).”

On his target in the next state polls since it will be his first time leading the state BN, Adenan jokingly said he was aiming for BN to win all 82 state seats including the 11 new constituencies.

“We may have our own plans but it is up to God to decide. However, we are confident in facing the polls and doing well since the signs are there among the people on the ground.”



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