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Yayasan Sarawak to offer Chinese-independent school students scholarships and loans

YAYASAN Sarawak will offer students of Chinese-independent schools in the state scholarships or loans.

That’s a huge development for the 14 Chinese-medium secondary schools in the State.

In case you didn’t know, Chinese-independent schools used to receive no funding from the government except perhaps on an ad hoc basis.

Last year, our Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Adenan Satem gave the schools RM3 million and increased this to RM4 million this year. In fact, he has promised to allocate RM5 million to them next year if he is still our Chief Minister.

The students in Chinese-independent schools sit for a major exam called the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC). This qualification has yet to be recognised by the Federal Government.

Adenan has previously said that he would help get recognition for the UEC, and he has but the Federal Government is still taking this under consideration.

However, when presenting this year’s promised RM4 million in Sibu over the weekend, Adenan said as far as Sarawak is concerned, Yayasan Sarawak is ready to offer UEC students scholarships or loans.

“I, as the chairman of Yayasan Sarawak, welcome you to apply for scholarship or study loan with your UEC,” he said to thunderous applause at Wong Nai Siong Secondary School.

Although he did not give details, Yayasan Sarawak currently offers the following aid for higher education, which may apply to Chinese-independent school students.

  • Education Loan Scheme ~ Local

For loans exceeding RM20,000 the student must provide two (2) sureties and only one (1) surety for loans less than RM20,000.00

  • Education Loan Scheme ~ Overseas

The maximum amount of loan is RM100,000 or RM30,000 annually, and requires adequate collateral in the form of landed properties. Courses and Institutions must be recognised by the Malaysian Government. Credit in Bahasa Malaysia for SPM.

  • Revolving Fund Scheme

Offers immediate assistance to students who have successfully obtained entry into Institutions of Higher Learning locally. Loans up to RM1,500 per student depending on their level of studies and the location of the institution in a single cash payment.

  • Computer Loan Scheme

To assist students in institutions of higher learning, including Polytechnics throughout Malaysia, to buy a computer in the form of an assistance loan of RM2,000.

There are also scholarships as follows:

  • Yayasan Sarawak Bestari Scholarship Scheme

For Sarawakians who excel academically, with leadership skills and active in co-curricular activities to pursue engineering courses at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus or Curtin University Sarawak Campus. Aid is for the course, cost of living, transportation, book aid, thesis aid and computer aid.

  • Yayasan Sarawak Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship Scheme

The scholarship is for outstanding Sarawakian students pursuing their first degree at local tertiary institutions or postgraduate degrees overseas approved by the board and who pass the interview.

For bachelor’s degrees, aid covers cost of living, books, project paper, utensils, practical training, thesis, and airline ticket, while for postgraduate studies it covers the same as well as final exams allowance and return ticket once a year throughout the period of study overseas.

Here’s the story from The Star:

Yayasan loans extended to independent Chinese schools

By Andy Chua

SIBU: Students from the 14 independent Chinese schools can now apply for either scholarships or study loans from Yayasan Sarawak which previously were extended to students from government and mission schools only.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem received a thunderous round of applause from students of Wong Nai Siong Secondary School when he made the announcement yesterday.

The students had every reason to jump with joy as their United Examination Certificate (UEC), which is still not recognised by the Federal Government, is giving them problems in getting financial assistance for further studies.

“I, as the chairman of Yayasan Sarawak, welcome you to apply for scholarship or study loan with your UEC,” he said at a ceremony to present financial grant of RM4mil to the five independent Chinese Schools here.

On the UEC which the Sarawak United Association of Private Secondary School wanted the government to recognise, he said at this moment it could not do so as the internal conflict between two factions in the United Chinese School Committees Association (Dong Zong) was still on.

“Dong Zong must settle its problem first … it is giving us a headache,” he added.

Adenan said the criteria set by the Education Ministry before it could give recognition of UEC was that students from this school needed to score a credit in Bahasa Malaysia.

On the financial grant of which RM3mil was given to them last year, he said the amount would be increased to RM5mil next year, provided he remained the chief minister.

“Not only that I will also look into the financial assistance needed by Chinese Primary Aided School,” he said.

Chairman of the Board of Management of Sarawak United Association of Private Secondary School Temenggong Vincent Lau when contacted said the extension of the Yayasan Sarawak scholarship or loan “is definitely good news for the students”.

With that he said students from this type of school could now enjoy the facility.

However, he said, the detail of the facility to them needed to be worked out at was its still sketchy at this moment.



3 thoughts on “Yayasan Sarawak to offer Chinese-independent school students scholarships and loans

  1. Too long our Sarawak Chinese students have been left in the lurch to fend for themselves although they have scored academic excellence in the examinations. Sarawak Foundation basically derives it’s financial resources from government grants and proceeds from timber concessions (correct me if I’m wrong there) and it’s the moral thing to do to distribute this wealth to all Sarawakians for the purpose of furthering their studies, regardless of race and religion.

    Adenan has done us proud by having the moral and political courage to execute several of his initiatives since he took office. While his predecessor has contributed in his own ways to the development of Sarawak, being in the top position for that long has deprived Sarawak of the resourcefullness of people like Adenan – he and several of the so-called “successors” have been waiting too long for their opportunity to take Sarawak to the next level and this opportunity for Adenan very nearly passed him by when he was layiing in the hospital bed. We are therefore very fortunate and we should be thankful to our respective Almighty for Adenan’s appointment to the position.

    As he has shown, Adenan now deserves full support from all of us, government and opposition alike, to improve our lot the way only a Sarawakian leader knows how.

    Posted by A. Arabi | May 19, 2015, 15:35


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