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GST, Malaysia, Sarawak

Things that will be cheaper from April 1

GST LOGOSO in a few hours time the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will come into effect. Yes the dreaded date of April 1, 2015 is upon us. Let’s face it, we’ve been talking about it for ages and well, the time has come.

There’s plenty of talk on how things will be more expensive after midnight, but how about discussing what we are told will be cheaper? Yes, cheaper.

I did a little digging and here’s what I’ve found. The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry website actually shows 490 items, which will see their prices falling come April 1.


Wet goods

  • Dressed Chicken – Standard
  • Dressed Chicken – Super
  • Local Mutton – with bones
  • Australian Lamb – with bones
  • Imported Topside Beef
  • Imported Chuck Tender Beef
  • Black Pomfret
  • Small Kembung/Pelaling
  • Siakap
  • Tiger Prawns
  • Flower Crab

Dry Goods

  • Super Tempatan Rice
  • Rambutan Rice
  • Jati Rice
  • Faiza Basmathi Rice
  • Thai Glutinous Rice
  • Fine Salt
  • Large Yellow Onions – Netherlands
  • Large Onions – China
  • Red Shallots – India
  • Eka Rice Vermicelli
  • Dried Chili with stem
  • Anchovies – Grade A
  • Dhal Beans – India
  • Russet Potatoes
  • Imported Potatoes – China
  • Dried Shrimp
  • Dried Cuttlefish
  • Imported Fruits


  • Coca Cola
  • F&N Orange
  • Lipton Tea (Powder)
  • Nescafe Classic
  • F&N Cordial

Packaged Items

  • Glutinous Flour
  • Helang Red Eagle blended oil
  • Labour Pure Cooking Oil


  • Televisions
  • Refrigerators
  • Air Conditioners
  • Spark Plugs
  • Brake Pads
  • Car Batteries
  • Home Theatre Systems
  • Hair Dryers
  • Electric Fans
  • Electric Toasters
  • Gas Cookers – Double Burner
  • Electric Irons
  • Cotton Bath Towels
  • Colour Pencils
  • Toothbrushes
  • Dettol, Antiseptic
  • Dining Sets (Six Chairs)
  • Diapers
  • Feminine Products
  • Toothpaste
  • Plastic Mats
  • Cars (850 cc)

So just know that while the prices of certain things may go up, the prices of others are to fall.



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