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Sibu murders: Police say perpetrator caught

Amy and her mother Kong Yien Yien

POLICE have apparently cracked the case of the horrific murders of four family members in Sibu.

They arrested a 17-year-old — reportedly mentally unsound — boy on Thursday night, somewhere in Sibu town along with his 44-year-old mother.

The boy worked as a lorry attendant while his mother was a housewife. The mother has been reportedly held to assist with the investigation.

They apparently live a couple of houses away from the Ling family home at RTM Road.

Apparently that row of double-storey terraced houses are also linked by their ceilings — there is reportedly no partition between the top floor ceiling portion of the houses. So the theory is you can crawl between the houses quite freely.

The boy is said to have climbed from the ceiling space of his house to that of Ling Tong Hock and family, and carried out the murders.

He has reportedly confessed to the crime.

Police apparently found a sledgehammer — believed to be the murder weapon — at the boy’s house.

They are said to be looking for his bloodied clothes at the Kemuyang dump site. Apparently the blood-stained clothes were thrown into a public rubbish bin somewhere in town and the bin has since been cleared by the town’s rubbish collectors.

Sadly the arrest just brings more questions.

If the boy is mentally unsound, how did he know about the crawl space and why did he choose the Ling family? Was it a random act? How did he manage to dump his bloody clothes? Most of all, why, why, why did he demonstrate so much rage, and towards the most helpless of victims?

I have no degree in psychology and cannot come anywhere close to an explanation. If he is indeed the sole perpetrator and is mentally unsound, may he get the treatment he requires as well as serve time of some sort for his crime.

In the meantime, let’s continue praying for Kelvin and those left behind. I hope the authorities will give them the support they need to recover from this heartbreaking tragedy.

Sibu Family Murder Case Solved, 17-year-old Suspect And Mother Detained

SIBU, Jan 6 (Bernama) — Police have solved the murder case at RTM Road here involving four family members, including two children, with the arrest of a 17-year-old youth and his 44-year-old mother last night.

“I am happy to announce that we have solved the case within four days since the incident happened on Monday.

“We have identified the suspect. He and his mother are in our custody for us to get more information to complete the investigation papers,” Sarawak deputy police commissioner Datuk Law Heng Soon told reporters, here, today.

He said the youth worked as a lorry attendant while his mother was a housewife.

“Both live quite close to the victims.

“We detain the mother as we believe she can assist us in our investigation,” he said.

Law said as soon as the investigation papers were completed, they would be handed over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for further instruction.

“Even now, we have enough information for us to establish a case,” he added.

In the incident between 7am to 7.30am, businessman Ling Tong Hock, 36, his mother Leong Nyuk Lan, 76, his son David Ling Chei Qi, 10, and daughter Amy Ling Zi Jiun, seven, were either beaten or slashed to death.

Another child, Kelvin Ling Chei You, eight, is still in critical condition at the children’s Intensive Care Unit of the Sarawak General Hospital in Kuching.

Ling’s Chinese national wife Li Xiao Lan, 28, had reportedly said that she fled through a window to a neighbour’s house during the incident. But she was then remanded.

Law said she was released today following the arrest of the youth and his mother.

On whether the youth had any mental problem, he said this was still under investigation although he had no past criminal record and was not on drugs.

Law thanked the public for offering information to help the police speed up their investigation.


The report from The Borneo Post:

Police believe quadruple murder solved

SIBU: Police believe they have solved Tuesday’s brutal killings of four family members at RTM Road with the arrest of a 17-year-old neighbour.

The boy, who is said to be mentally unsound, was picked up in town late Thursday night.

He is believed to have entered the victims’ home through the first floor ceiling. There is apparently no partition between the ceilings of all the double-storey terraced units.

After police questioned him, the boy is said to have confessed to committing the crime.

A sledge hammer, believed to be the murder weapon, was recovered from the boy’s house.

Police will look for further evidence at the Kemuyang Sanitary Landfill this morning.

On Tuesday, Ling Tong Hock, a 36-year-old timber and shipping businessman, was murdered along with his mother, Leong Nyuk Lan, 76, and his two children, David, 10, and Amy, 7.

Ling’s eight-year-old son, Kelvin, suffered slash wounds to his neck and back, and is undergoing treatment in Kuching at the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) intensive care unit.

The only family member to escape unhurt was Ling’s wife, Li Xiao Lan, a 28-year-old Chinese national, who is the children’s stepmother.



2 thoughts on “Sibu murders: Police say perpetrator caught

  1. The contrator must be questioned…. but The boy is definitely not mentally unsound , he is a clever guy and potential future quiet killer. What I can analyse is he know how to find the opportunity to make a quick money by finding the ceiling “long tunnel”. I think he had try crawling a few round and he had try crawl in a quiet way in such a long distance. He had planned this also by bring along the deadly weapon, he had prepared what to do if he was caught by killing the captor and destroy human evidence. God is fair, God gives us talent and life to become a useful person but not these! So even he is 17 year, he should be sentenced to death, after all the evidence is concretely hard. The victim is a successful young business entrepreneur and important to our country and and his friend commented he is the person like to help and his 4 innocent charming children may become important contributors to our nation. To our dear Judge, No one will sorry for the boy, trust me. Lawyer who want to defend the boy from getting the death sentence should ask themselves rationally.

    Posted by ykng | January 8, 2012, 10:33
  2. the case will never be solved. the police is just trying to restore their image by trying hard to solve it fast so they can move on. 17 yr old, unsound mind…that is already a character that you cannot take in for confession. Doesnt the police remember that the China wife noted the bell rang and the late hubby answered the door??? so where does the ceiling crawler comes into the story? definitely a bullshit. erasing evidence at crime scene but keeping murder weapon at home. wow….

    Posted by evilchica | January 6, 2012, 17:20
  3. The contractor must be punish and have their license revoke. How do they ever built house without partition between houses in the ceiling???? Haven’t they seem enough of what have happen before???

    Posted by Rich Wang | January 6, 2012, 15:50

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