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Borneo, Sarawak

Police detain foreigner to assist investigation of Sibu brutal murders

POLICE in Sibu have detained a Chinese national to assist with the investigation of this morning’s brutal quadruple murder.

The woman is apparently the 28-year-old partner of slain businessman Ling Tong Hock. I say partner because it has yet to be established whether they were legally wed.

They had reportedly lived together for a year or so. She is not the mother of the two children who were murdered or the boy who is apparently still fighting for his life at the intensive care unit of Sibu Hospital.

Sibu police chief ACP Shafie Ismail confirmed that the woman was detained at 5.30pm.

Sarawak deputy police commissioner Datuk Law Heng Soon earlier identified the other family members who were murdered as Ling’s mother Leong Nyuk Lan, 76; his son David Ling Chei Qi, 10; and his daughter Amy Ling Zi Jiun, seven.

Ling’s son in the ICU is Kelvin Ling Chei You, eight. He is said to have suffered severe head injuries.

It is good to know that the police have acted swiftly, but it should be noted that the woman has been detained to assist with the investigation and no charges have been filed.

Hopefully she can shed some light on the case and lead police to the perpetrators.

The murders occurred early this morning. The house at Lane 13B1, RTM Road is a terraced double-storey unit.

There is no way that the murderers could have come and gone unnoticed.

Those who have any information at all related to the case, no matter how minute it may seem, must come forward and inform the police.

Everyone must do their part to help the police find the culprits.

The bottom line is justice must be served.

It is unacceptable for the deaths, particularly of the children, to go unpunished.

From The Borneo Post:

Police detain China national in quadruple murder case

SIBU: Police have detained a China national to assist in the investigation of a quadruple murder case here.

Sibu police chief ACP Shafie Ismail confirmed that the woman was detained at 5.30pm.

Ling Tong Hock, a 36-year-old businessman; his mother Leong Nyuk Lan (76); and his two children Amy (7) and David (10); were brutally murdered at their Lane 13B1, RTM Road home about 7am today.

A third child, Kelvin (8), suffered severe head injuries and is in critical condition at the Sibu Hospital intensive care unit (ICU).

The woman identified as Li Xiao Lan, 28, is believed to be Ling’s wife, although the legality of their marriage could not be verified.

She is not the mother of Ling’s children.

Police believe the family was attacked with both blunt and sharp objects by more than one person.

Sarawak police deputy commissioner Datuk Law Heng Soon said Li had fled unharmed through a window to a neighbour’s house after she heard a commotion downstairs and some people trying to kick down the bedroom door of the house.

He appealed to eyewitnesses to come forward to help the police.

Law also asked the media not to make any speculation which could hamper the investigation.



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