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PKR and DAP still can’t agree on seat allocation!

IT turns out that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and the Democratic Action Party (DAP) still have not come to an agreement on seat allocation for the upcoming parliamentary election.

Bear in mind that negotiations began in September (and probably earlier unofficially). Yes, initially the so-called opposition coalition known as Pakatan Rakyat or PR, gave this PR line that they would settle their differences by October. Well it is now December and we are counting down to the New Year and guess what? Still no agreement.

The main bone of contention is probably still Stampin – PKR feels they deserve it but of course DAP wants POWER, so they believe their chances are good in this seat as it is in urban Kuching.

PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian has staked his claim on the seat and PKR State Vice-Chief See Chee How has pointed out his performance in the Batu Lintang State constituency, which comes under Stampin.

“I will not mention any seats in particular, (though) we have mentioned to DAP we are interested in a few seats,” Baru is quoted as saying in a recent report.

Does this mean that PKR is asking DAP’s permission to contest in these seats? Just who is supposed to be the leading party in this PR coalition of convenience? On the surface they say that PKR and its de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim play the leading role in PR.

However, somehow the DAP always seems to be in the driver’s seat don’t you think?

PR claimed that Baru Bian would be the Chief Minister if PR won the last State election, but straight after that Wong Ho Leng – State DAP chairman – is the one calling the shots … Surely Baru Bian should still be the opposition leader even though PR didn’t win the election right? That just shows you how little respect DAP gives PKR!

And yet this party is said to be upbeat about its performance in the upcoming polls.

“In our opinion, we have the best candidates … We have been mandated to win several seats in Sarawak,” Baru said at a recent press conference.

Sounds like PR spin to don’t you think?

And it seems like Baru is also talking about himself because he has indicated his intention to stand in Limbang. So when PKR talks about best candidates, it seems to be a small pool.

The same applies for DAP because Wong Ho Leng and DAP Sarawak Secretary Chong Chieng Jen are both assemblymen and MPs.

As the election looms nearer, one of the opposition parties will have to give in soon. Perhaps DAP will finally give PKR some respect.

The report from The Borneo Post:

PKR upbeat about better outing in coming polls

KUCHING: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) claimed yesterday it has high chances of winning several parliamentary seats in the state in the coming general election.

However, PKR Sarawak chairman Baru Bian, who said this at a press conference here, refused to reveal the seats as he did not want the party’s ‘enemies’ to know yet.

Baru also said that he would be meeting PKR national deputy president Mohd Azmin Ali sometime this week during which he would propose the seats to Azmin and the party’s election committee.

“In our opinion, we have the best candidates (after vetting and screening process)… We (PKR Sarawak) have been mandated to win several seats in Sarawak,” he told reporters at PKR Stampin office yesterday. PKR has yet to win a single parliamentary seat in Sarawak. Of the 31 seats in the state, 29 are held by Barisan Nasional (BN) while PKR’s ally in Pakatan Rakyat (PR), Democratic Action Party (DAP) has two.

In the state election in April, PKR increased its state seats from one to three after Baru, vice chairmen See Chee How and Ali Biju won respectively in Ba Kelalan, Batu Lintang and Krian.

When asked for his opinion on when the general election would be called, he believed it would be at the end of February next year after the Chap Goh Meh celebrations.

He also said his party members in Sarawak had prepared themselves for the possibility that the election would be held in February or March.

When asked on seat allocation among PR parties in the state, he said it should not be a big problem anymore this time around.

He, however, admitted there were overlapping claims on some of the seats which he hoped to be resolved during the next round of discussions. When asked if one of the seats is Stampin which is under contention by both PKR and DAP, he said: “I will not mention any seats in particular, (though) we have mentioned to DAP we are interested in a few seats”.

To a question, Baru said he was still awaiting confirmation from PKR national leadership on whether he would get to contest in Limbang.

“As reported in the media recently, I’m offering myself as a candidate and identified Limbang (as the seat for me to contest). I have prepared an office in Limbang already to service the area. (Whether or not I stand), this is subject to confirmation from the party’s political bureau,” he said.



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