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Race, religion issues the least of Sarawak youths’ concerns

A SURVEY conducted by the Social Development Ministry among the State’s youth last year has found that issues of race and religion were the least of their concerns.

Youth Advisor in the Chief Minister’s Department Larry Sng said the youths surveyed were between the ages of 15 and 24.

“We are to say that as far as such issues are concerned, it is very low in priority because we do not have racial problems here,” Sng is quoted as saying in a Bernama report.

This is fantastic news! It shows that Sarawak is still getting it right.

For all this talk of 1Malaysia, we Sarawakians have always known that we are the practitioners of well … 1Sarawak really.

I have always felt so blessed to live in this State because we have always gotten along on another level far higher than the mere tolerance that Malaysians claim to practise. Here in Sarawak it has always been a case of ACCEPTANCE.

My friends have never been from just my own ethnic group. Heck my relatives are not just from one ethnic group or religion! I am sure the same applies to many of you out there too.

So it is fantastic news that the new generation of Sarawakians continue to feel this acceptance and do not worry or feel suspicious about those from other ethnic groups or religions!

In a time when issues of race and religion are indeed divisive points throughout so many countries in the world, and even in Malaysia due to a certain brand of politics from Malaya, what we have in Sarawak is ever more precious.

Sarawakians, let’s pray that this NEVER changes in our great State. Let’s do our very best to protect and uphold our Sarawakian way of life.

The report from Bernama:

Racial issue least of Sarawak youths concern: survey

KUCHING, Nov 8 (Bernama) — A youth survey conducted by the Sarawak Social Development Ministry last year showed that issues related to race or religion were the least concern among youths aged between 15-24, Youth Advisor in the Chief Minister’s Office Larry Sng said today.

He said that particular age group accounted for 89 percent of the 7,600 respondents from throughout the state in the survey, which was conducted to formulate strategic planning for this year’s activities, based on the interest and needs of youths.

“We are to say that as far as such issues are concerned, it is very low in priority because we do not have racial problems here,” he told reporters after a meeting chaired by State Social Development Minister Tan Sri William Mawan to chart the ministry’s roadmap to engage youths and government through social transformation programmes in collaboration with the Local Government and Community Development Ministry here.

Sng said the analysis indicated that students were more focused on trends pertaining to health, education and environment while working youths placed higher priority on issues related to employment, salary and housing.

The state government, especially Mawan’s ministry, had also shown a lot of support and political will to ensure the youths’ interests and aspirations were taken seriously, he said.




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