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PKR gets slap in the face as ex-members try to hop to DAP

Flashback: Back in the day Jimmy was a 'loyal' PKR man ...

Flashback: Back in the day Jimmy was a ‘loyal’ PKR man …

POOR PKR. What a slap in the face. As if it wasn’t bad enough to lose its key leaders, but now, just a month later, these key leaders have applied to join DAP! Ouch!

As it is, there is a total imbalance of power in the unholy alliance known as Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

DAP has constantly been flexing its muscles as top dog — well the party does have 12 elected representatives compared to PKR’s three.

It’s no wonder that the parties and PAS have yet to agree on seat allocations for the parliamentary election.

Anyway, now former Sri Aman MP Jimmy Donald — yes he was with BN, then he became disgruntled and decided to join PKR, now he’s disgruntled again, so he’s trying DAP — has led the group of 20 former branch leaders and members to hand in forms to join DAP.

Actually Jimmy was with PBDS to start off with. Then when trouble brewed there and the party was deregistered, he was among the leaders of the new PRS. Then he was part of the crisis in PRS, left and join PKR. Hmm … Enough said.

Apparently PKR state liaison chief Baru Bian has reportedly said that he is okay with DAP accepting his former members. Perhaps he is grateful to have them off his hands?

Or perhaps he is just doing what PR leaders do best. Giving a PR line that doesn’t actually reflect how dire the situation is for the party.

DAP has said that it will consider the applications and may accept Jimmy and co if they did not break any PKR rules etc …

Remember how DAP tried to organise a seminar in Siburan for the Bumiputera community and no one showed up? Yes no one except the organisers and restaurant staff.

Anyway, one can’t help but think that DAP’s Chinese leaders are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of trying to legitimise their claims of being a multiracial party.

Poor PKR! Guess this Malaya party is beginning to realise that it is just not relevant to Sarawakians.

For my earlier post on Jimmy and gang jumping ship, go to Trouble for PKR as key leaders resign: https://parochialsarawakian.wordpress.com/2011/09/18/trouble-for-pkr-sarawak-as-key-leaders-resign/

The Borneo Post’s story:

Jimmy applies to join DAP after resigning from PKR

KUCHING: Former Sri Aman MP Jimmy Donald has applied to join DAP, just a month after he resigned from fellow opposition party PKR.

He led a group of 20 former PKR branch leaders and members who handed over their application forms to Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen yesterday.

The decision to join DAP marked another chapter in Jimmy’s political history. He was a three-term Sri Aman MP from 1995 to 2008.

He started off in now defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS). He joined its offshoot Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) after PBDS was deregistered in October 2004, and was once its vice-president.

In 2008, he was not re-nominated to defend Sri Aman. A bitter leadership tussle in PRS, which culminated in several personalities being sacked from the party, saw Jimmy and his supporters join PKR.

He was elected PKR Sri Aman branch chief last year, and in April contested in Bukit Begunan where he lost to BN-PRS candidate Mong Dagang.

When receiving the membership application forms, Chong said any decision to accept the 20, including Jimmy, as members would only happen after the party had discussed the matter with state PKR leaders.

“From DAP’s point of view, there are two conditions before we should consider the membership applications. Firstly, those members who want to join us should not breach any PKR discipline or have been sacked by PKR for breach of party discipline.

“The second is that members who join us should not speak badly about PKR, or criticise or attack PKR because we are in the same coalition (Pakatan Rakyat). We will speak to PKR leaders before accepting them into DAP. There is no outright acceptance,” Chong said.

Jimmy’s son Leon is already in DAP and he is the party’s Sri Aman branch chief, having contested under the party’s ticket in Simanggang in the last state election in April.



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