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DAP may leave Pakatan Rakyat council

WELL the DAP has finally put its foot down and threatened to leave PR’s council if PAS insists on putting hudud law or the formation of an Islamic state in PR’s Buku Jingga.

Now hasn’t it been clear all along that PR is just a marriage of (in)convenience?

When your coalition’s aim is solely to wrest power from the ruling coalition, you’re obviously willing to compromise all that you believe in and sleep with the enemy!

So in PR – a mere Public Relations exercise – you have the DAP (a mainly Chinese party pretending to be multicultural), PAS (the Islamic party pretending to be multicultural and multi-religious) and of course PKR (the Malaya-centric party pretending to be the champion of the natives of Sabah and Sarawak).

So now DAP is ready to break away from its partners because the party realises that the voters of this multicultural and multi-religious nation would NOT accept hudud law and an Islamic state. And the party probably feels that it can do better without such a political noose around its neck.

In response, PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat has resorted to name calling. In fact he has called the DAP “a small child who is scared of ghosts”.

In Sarawak, PKR and DAP had a meeting to discuss seat allocation without PAS recently. Apparently PAS leaders had a meeting in Malaya, but surely if you are a coalition of partners you would organise a time for all partners to be together? Anyway, PKR and DAP failed to see eye to eye at the end of that meeting – surprise, surprise.

If these PR partners kiss and make up after this, it should be very clear to all that at the end of the day, the parties want just one thing — To be in power. Hopefully the rakyat will not be conned by their PR.

The reports from The Star:

DAP leaders threaten to quit Pakatan council

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP’s top leadership will resign en masse from the top Pakatan council if hudud law or the formation of an Islamic state are included in the Pakatan Rakyat’s Buku Jingga common policy framework.

“If there is any mention that we want to implement hudud law in our common policy framework and the Buku Jingga, the party’s entire central committee will resign,” DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng told reporters after opening DAP Federal Territories convention here yesterday.

He said the Pakatan pact among DAP, PAS and PKR had been agreed upon in “black and white” and aimed at collaboration on common issues such as justice, the fight against corruption and upholding human rights.

“Hudud law was never included in Pakatan’s common policy framework and, if it is not included, it should not be part of the agenda,” he said.

“Each one may have their own views on respective issues but that does not mean we cannot cooperate and collaborate on common issues,” he said.

On PAS being adamant on including hudud law or the formation of an Islamic state in Pakatan’s common policy framework for the next general election, Lim said DAP would not agree to such amendments.

DAP like small child afraid of ghosts, says Nik Aziz

KOTA BARU: Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat has likened the DAP’s response to the hudud issue as “a small child who is scared of ghosts.”

The PAS spiritual leader contended that hudud, which was to be implemented in Kelantan, was fairer and “did not involve the non-Muslim community.” As such, DAP had no reason to oppose it, he said.

“Why does the DAP want to leave (the opposition pact)? Hudud is for the Muslims.

“So, what is DAP’s connection with the Muslims? Some people are scared of hudud like they’re scared of ghosts,” he told reporters at the Mentri Besar’s residence.

Nik Aziz had said the hudud law would be implemented in Kelantan’s syariah courts despite opposition from DAP.

DAP leaders had reportedly said that they would resign en bloc if hudud implementation was incorporated into the common policy framework of the opposition grouping.



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