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Trouble for PKR Sarawak as key leaders resign

WELL several of Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) key leaders have resigned!

They are Sri Aman PKR division chairman Jimmy Donald, Serian division chief Jonas Reong, Kapit division head Munan Laja,  senior Serian division leader Matthew American and PKR’s candidate, who failed to unseat BN’s Wong Judat, in Meluan candidate Dr John Brian Anthony.

This definitely does not bode well for the party’s preparations for the parliamentary elections.

What’s worse is that these are key Dayak leaders! And we all know who has been eyeing Dayak seats to give the party more credibility in the eyes of Bumiputeras in the State, yes the Democratic Action Party (DAP), also known as the almost completely Chinese party.

Well the balance of things amongst the unholy alliance of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) was already imbalanced!

Remember how before the State election DAP Sarawak chairman Wong Ho Leng was endorsing PKR state liaison chief Baru Bian to be Chief Minister? How short lived that was!

Straight after the election, when DAP won 12 out of the 15 seats it contested and PKR won just three out of 49 seats contested, DAP appointed Ho Leng as opposition leader!

This might have been because PKR fielded the most out of all PR and BN parties but only managed to win Ba Kelalan, Krian and Batu Lintang.

In fact DAP took 12 out of the 15 portfolios in the shadow cabinet, giving just Land Development and NCR Affairs to Baru Bian; Tourism, Heritage and Environment to See Chee How; and Religious Affairs and National Unity to Ali Biju and Parti Islam Se-Malaysia’s Haji Adam. Note that only three Bumiputeras were listed and two of them had to share a portfolio … Anyway I am getting distracted!

PKR refused to accept the shadow cabinet anyway. No prizes for guessing why.

Anyway, those who resigned from PKR will reveal in days to come why they left the party. Despite the niceties they have uttered, both Baru and See know that the party has been weakened.

DAP has already been circling seats which PKR wants. Now they will definitely demand them.

Where does that leave PKR? So much for PR – guess all the talk you will hear of equal partnership amongst the opposition parties would be just that, PR: public relations speak. In political terms that’s called propaganda.

The report from Free Malaysia Today:

Several key PKR men resign

KUCHING: Several PKR leaders, including three chairmen of party divisions, announced their resignations from the party.

No reasons were given for their sudden resignations, but it is speculated that they are involved in the formation of a new party.

The leader of the group Jimmy Donald, the Sri Aman PKR division chairman, said that others who resigned included Serian division chief Jonas Anak Reong, Kapit division head Munan Laja,  senior leader of Serian division Matthew American and Dr John Brian Anthony, the PKR defeated candidate for Meluan in the last state polls in April.

“Our resignations are supported by many committee members and ordinary members of the respective divisions,” said Donald, who was also a former vice-chairman of Sarawak PKR.

“We want to relax first and you wait and see what our next move is,” he told reporters. He however dismissed talk that they were involved in the formation of a new party.

Brian was not present at the press conference held by the others but Donald said that the former had informed him of the resignation.

Speculation is rife that the group is linked to the formation of a new party. The Registrar of Societies has received a number of applications from Sarawak to register new parties.

According to sources, the independent state assemblyman for Pelagus George Lagong is said to be the pro-tem president of the proposed party. Lagong is a BN-friendly independent.

Apart from Brian, those resigning with Donald were associated with Sng Chee Hua and his son Larry Sng in the formation of Parti Rakyat Sarawak in 2004. Two years later they were the same people sacked from the party when they tried to overthrow James Masing as PRS president.

Some of them like Sng and his son Larry remained partyless, but others including Donald, Munan, and Matthew joined PKR.

Although Donald denied about forming a new party, a PKR leader said that their resignations appear to show that they are regrouping, and the possibility of them forming a new party is really there.

To remain PKR-friendly

There are also rumours that they are joining Sarawak National Party. Even though Donald denied it, he however admitted that they did receive some feelers for them to join the party.

“As I have said we want to wait and see. Definitely we do not want to join any of the BN component parties,” he said, but added that they just want to pause and think of how best they can serve Sarawak and its peoples.

“And we have nothing negative to say about PKR. We wish PKR all the best and will help PKR wherever and whenever needed.

“We still support the vision and mission of PKR and its leaders and followers,” said Donald.

Meanwhile, Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian said that the party has so far received two resignation letters – from Donald and Munan.

“We respect their decisions to resign from the party, and we wish them the best of luck in their new undertakings,” he said.

His colleague, See Chee How, vice-chairman of Sarawak PKR, echoed similar sentiments, adding that they could not stop anyone who wished to resign from the party.

“Their resignations will not affect our preparations for the coming parliamentary election,” he added.



2 thoughts on “Trouble for PKR Sarawak as key leaders resign

  1. PKR’s Dayak leaders left the party? No surprise actually since PKR was never a serious party for Dayak politicians to begin with. Too Kuching-centric. Rural voice not heard at all in that party. And when we’re talking about Iban politics, Baru Bian (who’s not Iban, by the way) may be way over his head. Iban politicians were not too happy with Dominique Ng’s stance either, when the former YB was still a hotshot in the party.

    Posted by rimau atas kerusi | September 18, 2011, 23:11
  2. they not see zaid ibrahim still pkr before now how taste if they still leader anwar ibrahim expert longtime

    Posted by Gerasi Girau Gerawan Domynicelyn | September 18, 2011, 17:36

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