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International Wakeboard World Cup comes to Kuching!

Action at World Cup Singapore Stop in 2008 - http://www.waterskiandwakeboardworldcup.com

THE International Wakeboard World Cup will begin in Kuching this Thursday – September 15, 2011.

In case you are as ignorant as I was, Wikipedia defines wakeboarding as “a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques.”

I had a look at some photos and videos of events and I must say the sport is full of adrenaline-pumping action. It’s the type of thing we would only get to watch on satellite television.

So the fact that the Wakeboard World Cup is coming to Kuching as part of events for the Sarawak Regatta is simply awesome.

According to the Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup site, the IWWF World Cup Series was established to bring the very best Waterski and Wakeboard athletes to important high population centres around the world. To date these have included London, Paris, Alexandria, Moscow, Beijing, Singapore, Doha, Liuzhou, Chuncheon and Putrajaya. Following this Kuching Wakeboard World Cup Stop, it will move on to Linyi in China.

How cool is that?

This time round, 32 wakeboarders — women and men — from 19 countries will fight it out for a total prize money of US$100,000 (RM298,000)!

To add even more excitement to the Sarawak Regatta, there will also be the Stars of Florida Waterski Show. They perform almost all aspects of the sport including barefooting, jumping, swivel, adagio doubles, pyramids, wakeboarding, air chair/ski sky and even delta wing hang gliders, all  choreographed into one grand waterski performance.You can get a preview of these top water-skiers here.

And we’ll get to watch all this for FREE at the Kuching Waterfront this weekend! I don’t know about you, but I am definitely pumped!

To top it all off, the organisers expect an audience of 500 million worldwide in 192 countries!!!

That’s amazing exposure for Sarawak to the international sporting world and more significantly in terms of tourism.

Here’s the schedule according to the Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup site:

Friday, Sept 16

7.30am – 11.30am: Wakeboard practice and semi-finals

Saturday, Sept 17

8.00am – 11.30am: Wakeboard Sarawak Youth, Men’s Quarter Finals, Women’s LCQ

3.30pm – 4.30pm: Wakeboard Men’s LCQ

5.00pm – 5.45pm: Stars of Florida Ski Show

Sunday,  Sept 18

9.00am – 10.00am: Wakeboard Men’s Semi-finals

10.00am – 11.00am: Women’s Finals

11.00am – 11.45am: Stars of Florida Ski Show

12.00pm – 1.00pm: Wakeboard Men’s Finals

3.00pm to 3.45pm: Stars of Florida Ski Sho

4.00pm to 5.00pm: Medals Presentation

Even if you’re not in Kuching, the organisers say that you can still catch all the action at:





The report from New Straits Times on August 8, 2011:

Wakeboard: World Cup targets 500m audience

THE International Wakeboard World Cup in Kuching on Sept 15-19 has the potential to reach an estimated 500 million audience worldwide.

The figure, according to International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation(IWWF) president Kuno Ritschard, will do wonders for Sarawak in its effort to put the state capital on the world tourism map.

In a message to the organising committee, the Swiss-based Kuno said that hosting the IWWF Wakeboard World Cup along the Kuching waterfront will have a positive impact.

“A world class field from nineteen nations; a perfect stage amidst a stunning backdrop, and above all, Kuching, will be known to the world,” he said.

The IWWF Wakeboard World Cup, which began in Paris in 2004, has since then made stops in exotic locations all over the world including the Pyramids of Egypt.

The event will see the participation of the top 32 wakeboarders — women and men — from 19 countries fighting it out for the total prize money of US$100,000 (RM298,000).

Among them are the world’s top three Harvey Clifford of Australia and Andrew Adkinson and Nick Jones of the US in the men’s section while the top three women competitors Raimi Merritt of the US, Australia’s Amber Wang and Argentine Robbie Rendo have also confirmed their entries.



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