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Kuching’s Police Bicycle Beat hits the streets

AS I ate my breakfast this morning, I read that the Sarawak police have introduced a new unit — the bicycle beat.

This brought to mind the old TV series Pacific Blue – not sure how many of you remember it, but it was something about cops on bikes in Santa Monica, California. (In case you’re interested you can read about the series at IMDB.)

Anyway, those cops on bikes were awesome, somehow they always managed to catch the bad guys, simply by riding their bikes.

I hope the local cops will have as much success. They will be patrolling the Kuching Waterfront and Reservoir Park to begin with.

The cops on the US TV series were extremely fit and had real skills when it came to riding their bikes in unconventional ways, such as down flights of stairs and weaving through traffic, all to catch the lawbreakers in each episode.

I wonder if the local police have been as extensively trained.

While yes, cops on bikes will be faster than cops on foot, you have to wonder if they can catch up with the snatch thieves on motorcycle – which as far as I know is a common mode of transportation for these guys.

But I have faith that members of the newly set up unit are fully capable of doing their jobs effectively and hopefully the Kuching Waterfront – which is such an attraction to visitors and locals alike – will be safe for all of us to enjoy.

The report from Borneo Post:

Cops unveil bicycle beat unit to curb crime

KUCHING: The Central Police Station here launched its bicycle beat unit yesterday to widen its reach in crime prevention.

A spokesman said this unit might eventually cover all areas under its jurisdiction, especially those places which are not accessible to police patrol cars.

But for the moment, their attention would be focussed on areas around Kuching Waterfront and Reservoir Park.

“This system is considered community policing.

“If successful, it might be extended to other areas,” the spokesman said.

The report from The Star:

Waterfront gets added security from cops on bicycles

By Leonard Phang

KUCHING: The Central Police Station here has launched its crime prevention ‘Police Bicycle Beat’ at the Kuching Waterfront.

According to a station spokesman, the beat will be assigned to the Waterfront and Jalan Taman Budaya areas.

He said the beat meant that policemen would be patrolling the areas on bicycles.

“The cyclists have their advantage because any area impassable to Mobile Police Vehicle will easily be covered by them,” the spokesman said.

According to him, the patrolmen on bicycles will cover an area for at least two hours before moving to another location.

The policemen involved in the system will be fully equipped.

Kuching police chief ACP Mun Kok Keong said if the system worked well, it might be extended to cover other areas in the city.



2 thoughts on “Kuching’s Police Bicycle Beat hits the streets

  1. Its Pacific Blue, and not Pacific Beat.. My favorite tv show back in the day! And its why I love cycling now!

    Posted by imranbecks | January 23, 2012, 12:44

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