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Please be careful on the roads this Hari Raya

TODAY’S news of a horrific crash along the Sri Aman-Sarikei road early this morning is so sad.

Nine lives were lost in such a senseless way.

I’ve seen some photos of the crash and the damage to the vehicles is extremely shocking. And incredibly sad. I am sure you will see some photos in the newspapers tomorrow.

Those killed were all Indonesians and I could be wrong but they might all have been Muslims. With just weeks till Hari Raya, I cannot imagine how devastating this must be on their families.

Our condolences go out to their families and loved ones.

The lorry driver is apparently, according to news reports, under investigation.

While the police figure out what really happened and the families and loved ones of those involved come to terms with what has happened, let us do our best to be more careful on the roads.

Those of us planning to return to our kampungs and longhouses for the long break – whether or not we are celebrating Aidil Fitri – should also remember our responsibilities as drivers.

Please let not there be any more such fatalities on the road.

Stay safe on the roads.

How The Star reported it:

Nine killed in lorry-SUV collision in Sarawak


KUCHING: Nine Indonesians were killed in a horrific collision near Sri Aman that flung most of them out of their vehicle and onto the road.

The Indonesians were travelling in a Toyota Rush, which collided head-on with a lorry at KM34 on the Sri Aman-Sarikei road at about 3.50am Wednesday. The lorry was heading towards Kuching.

The deceased are Asmadi, 21, Maulidi Mumziri, 22, Muslimin Jabir, 25, Ilham Muzani, 26, Zafri Anwar, 26, Ilham Tamrim, 27, Yusran Said, 29, Zunaidi Tamrim, 38, and Juhran, 40.

Most of the victims died on the spot.

A passenger of the Toyota Rush survived the crash.

The lorry driver, Then Kee Nyong, 45, suffered leg injuries.

Police and Fire and Rescue Department personnel arrived at the scene at about 4am and were shocked at what they saw.

“Many of the victims were lying on the road. The vehicle was just too packed with people,” said a police spokesman.

The bodies of the victims were later sent to the mortuary at the Sarawak General Hospital.

Rescue workers had to extricate the lorry driver, who was trapped in his vehicle which landed on its side. He has been detained by the police for investigations.



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