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PPP tries to show its ‘sincerity’

THE People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has come out to say that it won’t contest in the next elections if the State BN doesn’t want it to.

How sweet and kind of the party to say so. This is after previously declaring that only it is capable of contesting against opposition from Malaya (despite failing to defeat the opposition from Malaya in their own home turf of Malaya!).

Well perhaps they have remembered a thing or two about being in the BN coalition after the recent BN supreme council meeting.

Somehow they have now decided they are not in the State to replace other coalition partners. Hmm …

“We’re not here to replace any party unless there’s a need. We’ll continue to uphold the Barisan spirit of helping our brothers and sisters in the coalition,” Sarawak PPP vice chairman Abet Achoh is quoted as saying.

What still confounds me is the party’s insistence on recruiting members in Sarawak, which it says is so that BN is stronger in the next election.

It’s rather confusing. What political party recruits members, but is not going to stand in the elections?

And how would Abet define “a need”? It seems that his brothers and sisters in the coalition have already told him thanks but no thanks.

Strangely PPP members have indicated their desire to contest in the Mas Gading parliamentary seat.

Well if PPP is as sincere as they claim to be about upholding the spirit of BN, then they should stop contradicting themselves.

How The Star reported it:

PPP: We will contest in election only if state BN wants us to


KUCHING: PPP will only contest in the next parliamentary election if Sarawak Barisan Nasional give its blessings.

Sarawak PPP vice chairman Abet Achoh said the party’s ultimate aim was to help fellow Barisan members win big in the election.

“PPP will work together with all Barisan parties and we’ll only contest if there’s request from Barisan parties in Sarawak to contest. So, component parties in Sarawak need not worry about our presence because we just want to help them.

“We’re not here to replace any party unless there’s a need. We’ll continue to uphold the Barisan spirit of helping our brothers and sisters in the coalition,” he told The Star at a membership recruitment and voters registration campaign in MJC Batu Kawah here yesterday.

Abet was asked to comment on a recent statement by some Barisan leaders who had said that any attempt by Barisan component parties from Peninsular Malaysia to forcefully push themselves into the public election arena in Sarawak would upset the existing political equilibrium.

PBB vice-president Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman had said that this would create disharmony among the Barisan parties and would weaken the ruling coalition.

“In Barisan, we have an understanding that we do not go around grabbing seats from other Barisan parties,” he said.

Abet explained that as part of PPP’s election preparation, the party had been active on the ground in certain urban constituencies deemed as hot seats to recruit new members and meet voters for the sake of Barisan as a whole.

He said it was important to increase the party’s membership because members would play an important deciding factor on polling day.

“We need members’ support during election time,” he said adding that the membership drive was also carried out nationwide.



2 thoughts on “PPP tries to show its ‘sincerity’

  1. Seems like some PPP members are saying one thing and others are saying something else. What they mean is they want to contest but because of their poor performance they might not be given a chance to contest in Malaya…so second choice for the party is to contest in Sarawak…pulak dahh.

    Posted by rimau atas kerusi | August 15, 2011, 14:23
  2. Brother Parochial Sarawakian……nice to see you email again and some comment which make us feel that you and your BN Sarawak are have defination of politic are diferent from others thinking. Why we said that because politic surpose to inclusion not exclusion but your opinion that shows that BN Sarawak are like exclusive club which nobody can join them, but how national BN practice are them welcome all NGO, club or even news party are accepted by BN National under YAB Prime Minister. After politic tsunami 2008 BN National feel that they should have inclusion idea in politic rather that young generation join opposition. In Sarawak maybe all YB are to OLD that why they are feel still in zone where they feel still have good support but in reality thier are losing and losing support even in Dayak Majority like at Ngemah, Selanggau, Sri Aman etc. Bro even now DAP have agressively recruiting dayak profesional , what BN sarawak do to stop this movement or maybe you just wait and see…..but for me just turn 38 years I dont want more Dayak join opposition which I belief if them rule the state more worst than BN but we not welcome by BN party sarawak base . If this practice continue, belief me or not within 5-10 years time BN sarawak will lost majority seat during election. After supper lost in 2010 election what BN Sarawak do to recover some seat to opposition which your big SUPP are still in honeymoon time. Lucky for Dayak vote make SUPP still have win some of the seat or otherwise them will lost all thier seat like what GERAKAN happen at Peninsula Malaysia. Brothers what PPP doing are just to get support where stronghold of opposition by hope can gain about 20-40% opposition share by that with existing BN Sarawak support can reduce or maybe turn that area from black area to grey or blue area. If 2-3 BN componant doing Community Service to people this will make people will support BN. Some researh have done by us in Bandar Kuching and Srampin parlimen why majority of Chinese have rejected BN because BN candidates are to arrogant and them act like exlusive club to people. Your existing YB’s just appear to public 3-4 month before election. Some kampung in Kuching and Stampin still not have electricty and Water Treatment. Rakyat still depend water give by GOD( rain).

    What are means by ‘a need’ by our Deputy State Chairman Mr Abet Achoh are like area where BN have losing 2-3 last election them PPP will help BN to gain support that area due to PPP are new brand in Sarawak whereby most people will like new brand rather that OLD brand which people already know the head and tail. With that move we hope can help BN to gain or reduce margin which opposition win last election. We still beleif that people outside there still want BN like me and my friends but them feel reluctant to friends with existing BN due to arrogant and like exclusive club .

    Brothers what PPP doing are just to help BN Sarawak and we work using our own money to run the event. PPP will not replace others party or take over others party which reported at press. Please erase some unwanted feel from your mind and why recently have report new BN sarawak party will be form to cattle some BN party leaders which partyless and why not PPP join BN. What special that new party compare to PPP. If you think that let Sarawak to Sarawakian which I feel that not relevan anymore as you know that when you be part of BN National that means Sarawak indirectly have rule by Malaya also . Some of Sarawak right have been share also with Malaya why not you and BN sarawak talk to preserve this think first than I will support you 100%. No need give example here which I have inform you earlier.

    Thank You
    Mathiew Usun

    Posted by Mathiew Usun | August 15, 2011, 10:55

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