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MOCS mocks Parochial Sarawakian

I HAVE been busy outstation and didn’t have time to blog this week.

My sincerest apologies to those of you who have been waiting for me to reply a posting by the Malaya-based man fronting the so-called Movement of Change Sarawak or MOCS or as I like to call it MOC(K)S.

Apparently he was annoyed with my posting ‘What I Will Be Doing On August 13’. Well of course he’s annoyed cause he realises he DOES NOT represent Sarawakians. So annoyed he called my remarks “idiotic”. I’ll take that as a compliment.
Well I’d like to point out that I am NOT a civil servant. I work for a private company in a very normal position very far down the pecking order. I drive a small Malaysian-made car. I live in a small house in a simple housing area.

I cannot afford a huge detached bungalow or a foreign-made car. I pay taxes but not very much because I don’t earn enough to be taxed much. I don’t have a side business because I don’t have time outside my work and family commitments. I cannot afford to jet back and forth from KL as this Malaya-based man can.

However, I am very grateful for what I have. Seeing others with more does not bother me or make me envious because I know — to quote Carrie Underwood — “This is my temporary home.”

I believe that I should set my mind on things that are above and not on things of this earth.

I worry about the bills and making ends meet to ensure my family can have their basic necessities. But I have also learnt that God has a purpose for us all and provides what we need to get by and therefore I trust in Him.

God has given us Sarawakians so many blessings. We are living in peace – do we worry about car bombs or getting shot in the streets? We have not experienced natural disasters of catastrophic proportions – Japan, Thailand and Indonesia come to mind. We do not have violent political unrest – again many nations not too far away come to mind.

What we take for granted is not by accident. We may not agree with the government but we don’t have to look very far to realise we have things pretty darn good.

Do not protest on the street. Do you really think things are better in the Middle East after so-called street protests? There’s so much instability and volatility. All that is affecting the world economy.

Instability here will not lead to a better life for you and me. If there is tension in the streets Sarawakians fighting each other no good will come of it.

If you think you can do a better job, work through the ballot box. If democracy is dead, why did the Malaya-based DAP win so many seats in the last election?

There are better ways to go about doing things. Let’s be true Sarawakians and do things our way. Let’s not ape what happens in Malaya and elsewhere. Let’s not allow MOC(K)S to mock Sarawak and Sarawakians. God bless Sarawak.



One thought on “MOCS mocks Parochial Sarawakian

  1. Save your breath talking about the MoCcasin man.
    By the way, I suspect he probably wears a pair of expensive and branded moccasins bought by his favourite-multi-millionaire-political-has-been-friend/ financial backer.
    I’ve made plans for August 13 and I intend to be nowhere near where MoCcasin man says he’s going to be on that day.
    I hope true Sarawakians will enjoy their weekend with their family and friends and not waste their precious time taking part in self-serving activities with dubious agenda propagated by the MoCcasin man and his multi-millionaire-political-has-been-friend financial backer.

    Posted by rimau atas kerusi | July 28, 2011, 17:48

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