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Happy Sarawak Day!

Click here to go to Happy Sarawak Day 2015.

I BORROWED that from fellow blogger Rimau Atas Kerusi but I thought it was rather appropriate.

Today, 48 years ago, Sarawak was an independent nation.

We were not under the Brunei Sultanate. We were not under the Brookes. We were not under Japanese occupation. We were not a British colony.

We were a truly independent nation, until we FORMED Malaysia together with Sabah, Malaya and Singapore.


Malaya is always celebrating August 31 and calling it Merdeka Day or National Day.

So we should indeed celebrate Sarawak’s Merdeka Day. Sarawak’ National Day.

Sarawak Day sounds good don’t you think?

It acknowledges the struggles of our leaders of the first cabinet under Tan Sri Stephen Kalong Ningkan to chart our destiny as Sarawakians.

I remember joining in the grand celebration at the Central Padang in 2003 to mark four decades of independence.

Let’s not forget the significance of this day. Let’s do something simple and just wish each other Happy Sarawak Day.

It doesn’t cost a thing, but it is worth so much to remember our true history.

Happy Sarawak Day everyone!




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