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What I’ll be doing on August 13 …

JUST over three weeks from now, on August 13, a Saturday, the Movement for Change Sarawak – which claims to speak for Sarawakians, but never asked my permission, I don’t know about yours – wants to hold a so-called ‘walk for democracy and reforms’.

According to them it’ll be a three-hour affair from 2pm to 5pm.

I don’t know about you, but really on a Saturday afternoon, I can think of far better things to do than gather for three hours for an illegal assembly – no permit has been granted as far as I know.

I would much rather be enjoying the weekend at one of Sarawak’s beautiful beaches, playing a round of golf, hanging out with friends at a shopping mall, savouring a bowl of ice kacang special at my favourite shop Swee Kang or even just relaxing in the comforts of my home.

See as a Sarawakian, I am so blessed because I can do any of those things without worrying about safety or having to pay exorbitant prices – although the price of coffee at the local branches of American chains can be a little pricey.

Still, the economy must be pretty good – how else can commercial buildings and housing areas mushroom all over Kuching? How is it that every Kuchingite it would seem is eating out at the city’s many food courts or restaurants? Yes there are traffic jams but really again, if things are so terrible, how is it that all of us seem to own cars or at least motorcycles?

All that we enjoy does not happen by accident. It takes a wise and stable government to ensure that we enjoy everything without even a second thought. We’ve come to think that it is our right, and it is!

But ask those in countries far away and not so far away from our shores if they can make such nice weekend plans. Human beings are often ungrateful. We probably won’t realise how very blessed we are until everything we enjoy has been taken away.

Maybe that’s why MOCS wants to destabilise things. So that you and I won’t be able to enjoy our Saturday afternoons in peace, stability and harmony.

If there is no democracy, how did the opposition win as many seats as they did during the last election including in rural areas?

The moment Sarawakians start fighting each other on the streets, we’ll be heading down a very slippery slope. Because we all know that certain quarters will attempt to push the authorities so that they can become ‘heroes’ online.

By the way, this man from MOCS does not even call Sarawak home any more. He has been living in Malaya, but seems to think he knows what is best for those of us who actually live here. So he’ll cause a bit of trouble and then happily return to the comforts of his home in Malaya. Bit rude if you ask me.

So come Saturday, August 13, Sarawakians please, please, don’t join this ridiculous rally.

Enjoy your Saturday afternoon as I will with those I love and care for and say a prayer of thanks for everything that we Sarawakians have been blessed with and petition the good Lord that it may continue to be so.



4 thoughts on “What I’ll be doing on August 13 …

  1. Black in Perak also kenna. Wear white and help mourn the death of Democracy in this country and death of our rich natural resources. White for bankruptcy of our nation.

    Better stll white to syncronise with Pek Moh. Have you die your hair white yet. I will soon if I get up the other side of my bed and decide to idolise Taib

    Posted by Oli | July 25, 2011, 16:03
    • If democracy is dead Oli how did the opposition win so many states in the last general election? Wasn’t there something called a political tsunami? Also didn’t the opposition win a record number of seats in the last state elections? Oh did you mean democracy is dead because they won? Oh I see! Sorry missed your point completely.

      White is the virginal colour for brides. Am not sure how I would look in a white suit. Only certain people have the style to pull that off.

      You can’t dye (or die as you put it) your hair white. You could try to bleach it I suppose. Though I would not recommend it. Greying comes naturally with age and some can pull off that regal look. Not sure if you or I could.

      As for idolising a certain someone, well, I have to point out that you are the only one to have mentioned him on this site. How interesting!

      Posted by Parochial Sarawakian | August 2, 2011, 08:14
  2. All these political demonstrations are making me paranoid about fashion nowadays; just to make sure I don’t mistakenly wear the colours of the demonstrators. Kind of reminds me of LA gang colours that no other gang can wear. What a development!

    Posted by rimau atas kerusi | July 21, 2011, 08:06

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