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Tired much?

As a Sarawakian, and my brothers and sisters from Sabah can probably relate as well, I am generally tired of hearing the following:

  • Oh you’re from Kuching? That’s in Sabah right?
  • Oh you’re from Sarawak? Do you still live on trees there?
  • Oh, it’s good you’re from Sarawak because things here in Malaysia are so different …
  • Oh, you’re from Sarawak. Do you come to Malaysia often?
  • The weather will be generally fine nationwide, including in Sabah and Sarawak …
  • Free delivery throughout Malaysia (and in fine print, except in Sabah and Sarawak) …
  • Malaysia gained its independence on August 31, 1957 …
  • Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaysia on September 16, 1963 …

Seriously! Get it right people. Sarawak and Sabah FORMED Malaysia together with Malaya and Singapore. The latter was kicked out on August 9, 1965. Yes, kicked out by Parliamentary vote of 126-0. But that’s another story.

The point is Sarawak and Sabah were and are supposed to be EQUAL partners in the formation of this nation known as Malaysia.

It did take 47 years for the government to actually recognise Malaysia Day by declaring it a public holiday. But now that it has, hopefully when the catchphrase of 1Malaysia is bandied about, particularly in non-Borneo Malaysia, it will actually mean something.



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