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My City

KUCHING is where I was born, grew up, left and then came back to. Whenever colleagues and friends from Malaya discuss work options, they always point out jobs that I would be ‘better off’ with across the South China Sea.

I am not in the city of my birth because I had no options elsewhere. I CHOSE to work and live here.

Not everyone wants to work in Kuala Lumpur. Just because I don’t does not mean I have settled for something less. In fact, I believe I have chosen something more.

To live truly as a Sarawakian. I work here and contribute to the state’s development in my own minute way. But hey, I am here. I voted in the last election because Sarawak’s future affects me directly.

Not because I live elsewhere and think I know what is better for my state and then go off and continue my life in ‘greener’ pastures.

If you are a Sarawakian and want a say in how this state is governed or progresses, well make sure you actually live here.

Otherwise you are just an armchair commentator from afar — you don’t really know what is going on here or what is best for Sarawakians like me, who actually do live here.



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